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If you are considering an Indian wedding in Italy our staff is able to organize the entire celebration including: Sangeet Party, bridal Mehndi, Hindu ceremony .From the Chunni to the Choora and the Baraat to the Milini, we will help you to organize an incredible Hindu ceremony in one of the most romantic and fascinating countries in the world, combining tradition and originality.

We are dedicated to creating a day that is a tribute to Hindu tradition.

We will assist you with all aspects of the ceremony, including helping you to find the Mehndi girl and a Pandit.

We understand the importance of color and will work with you to design a marvellous Mandap and to organise a vibrant decor with cushions, lanterns, gorgeous flowers and magnificent draperies in respect of your styles and desires,and of course music!

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A Jewish Wedding can be celebrated both in one of the beautiful synagogues in Italy, the ones in Venice,Verona,Naples,Trieste, Florence and Rome are the most important, and in other locations such as villas, castles, gardens and many others.

Being all the synagogues in Italy Orthodox you need to receive a permission from an Orthodox Rabbi at home to marry in one of them. Normally the Rabbi of the synagogue wants to speak directly with the couple before the wedding. An Orthodox Wedding can be legally recognized: we will assist you in all the process and in getting all the paperwork required.

We can assist you in planning all the different types of Jewish Weddings whether you are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist.

You can bring your own Rabbi if you wish or we can arrange for a Rabbi no matter where you will decide to have your wedding. We work with various Rabbis who can move to celebrate your ceremony.A beautiful flowering "chuppah" will be arranged by our floral designers and kosher catering services can also be arranged.

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Eloping, by traditional definition, is a secret, unplanned, wedding for all those couples looking for another alternative to the large, traditional wedding without giving up the classic touches that make it memorable.
We at WeddingLions will create a beautiful, intimate day, keeping the experience personal, romantic, perfect and memorable.
Luxury Elopements to Italy continue to grow in popularity; there is something exciting about a bride and groom escaping to Italy for a romantic wedding in one of the country's many dazzling locations!

For the most part, an Italy elopement is a fairly last minute event and applies to civil, Protestant and symbolic wedding ceremonies only since the documentation required for a Catholic wedding takes a number of months to complete.

We offer elopement packages throughout the entire year and are able to make arrangements at very short notice. The exact time-line will vary depending on your nationality (if it is to be a civil ceremony).

Although generally for bride and groom only, a luxury elopement to Italy can include a few guests as well and our staff will assist with accommodation requirements and any last minute travel arrangements.

Here is a sample civil wedding luxury elopement to Italy package:

•    Civil ceremony performed in the location of your choice
•    Reserving and confirming your wedding location, the date and time
•    Official English speaking interpreter; as required by law
•    Appointment for a declaration to be done several days prior to the wedding
•    English-speaking interpreter for the declaration
•    Professional assistance for legal requirements (Nulla Osta)
•    Booking any Embassy appointments on your behalf
•    Collecting documents and obtaining required Prefecture seals
•    Wedding certificate - multi-lingual
•    Hair and makeup on the wedding day direct at your hotel
•    Elegant bouquet and matching boutonniere
•    Flower arrangement for the celebrant’s table
•    Fine Art - Top Professional photographer/videographer service: all day , Bluray of all shots in HD, also in 4K
•    Two witnesses
•    Celebratory meal for two with Prosecco Champagne at a top restaurant
•    1 night in a luxury 5 star hotel with buffet breakfast
•    Wedding Program with detailed itinerary and confirmation of all booked services
•    All taxes plus planning fees included.
Not inclusive of:  Town Hall and Consular fees which vary according to location and citizenship.
There are many benefits to eloping over a traditional wedding and Italy certainly offers some of the most enchanting venues for this special occasion… let us help you find the perfect one!

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A Vow Renewal in Italy is designed to celebrate your marriage, anniversary and union. It is requested by couples who are already married and want to renew their commitment.

In creating such a ceremony it is very important to reflect the history of the couple since they met as well as include their hope for the future. In making the vows, some spouses may want to include their original marriage vows and let also guests write their wishes for their future. The script of the ceremony can be similar to a traditional wedding ceremony.Since there are no legalities involved you are free to create the event of your dreams in any of Italy’s stunning surroundings.

They can be religious or non-religious, depending on your preferences.  We can have a Protestant pastor come to your location and perform a vow renewal ceremony in a garden, a magnificent villa or castle.

Vow renewals in Italy cannot take place in civil wedding halls with the exception of Verona which makes several of its beautiful civil locations available to you.
Vow renewals are a beautiful way to deepen your love to one another. Italy will make this event even more unforgettable and romantic!

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We provide the celebrant and assistance with personal vows, music, poetry, soloist singer and flower arrangements. Your friends and family are welcome to participate in making the event special. A beautiful parchment certificate in calligraphy will immortalize the event.

For the couple who do not want or cannot celebrate a formal civil or religious wedding ceremony, a symbolic ceremony is an ideal solution – thus avoiding legal documentation in Italy and expensive town hall fees in Italy. You may already be civilly married but want a ceremony in a beautiful location or to renew your vows on a special anniversary. Symbolic ceremonies are celebrated by an English speaking officiant and can take place anywhere you like without restriction, for any couple and for any reason as they are not legally binding.

There is no documentation required for a symbolic wedding and it is the perfect choice for those who have already had a civil ceremony. A symbolic ceremony can consist of personalized vows and exchange of rings in an unusual setting.

In addition to this symbolic ceremonies can be performed in the most spectacular settings such as a medieval courtyard, a beautiful vineyard, or a romantic Italian garden.

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A Protestant wedding in Italy can be arranged in any region or city. Protestants are Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians and others. Protestant ceremonies can be either a “Protestant blessing” without civil validity or a civilly binding Protestant destination wedding which includes the civil paperwork to make the ceremony legal. Our Protestant pastors are able to perform a Protestant marriage anywhere in Italy, thus allowing you the freedom of choosing the location of your dreams without being confined to a particular church or city.

As far as the ceremony format we collaborate with pastors of various denominations and can arrange for an Evangelical Protestant wedding or an Anglican rite as well as others.

Italy is predominantly Catholic therefore Protestant churches can be found only in fairly large cities such as Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. There is also the possibility to perform protestant ceremonies in beautiful villas with private chapels or outdoor in romantic and secluded gardens. One of the finest venues is the 18th century Protestant church in Florence with stunning stained glass windows, Gothic arches, and white marble exterior.

In short, the choice is up to you - tell us your dreams and we will make them happen!

Your pastor will want to be in contact with you prior to the ceremony and religious requirements may vary depending on the location you select but are not complicated. Together with your wedding planner you will be able to personalize the marriage ceremony to include favorite Scripture readings, lighting of candles, music and writing out your own personal vows. A Protestant marriage in most cases can be performed even if one of the two is of a different religious denomination, pending approval of the pastor.

Protestant pastors in Italy will also happily celebrate vow renewals or anniversaries at your preferred location.
If you choose to exchange your wedding vows in a Protestant ceremony in Italy our staff will assist you with every possible service to plan a beautiful Italian wedding event.

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Needless to say that in Italy can be found the most beautiful and ancient churches of the world and locations where to celebrate your catholic wedding ceremony in Italy are limitless.

Foreign citizens can be married in Italy according to the Catholic rites. In this case, the ceremony must take place in a Catholic Church (see paperwork requirements). A separate civil ceremony is unnecessary because the priest must register the marriage with Civil State Officer in order to be legal it. There is no wedding hosting fee for church weddings.

  • Provide a permission from your Parish Bishop and attend Pre-cana classes as well as provide the necessary baptism and confirmation certificates.
  • If you have been divorced and the wedding was not officially annulled, you cannot marry in the Catholic church
  • Paperwork have to be issued within 6 months of the proposed wedding date, but not before otherwise they will expire.
  • All paperwork must be translated in Italian.
  • Religious paperwork need to be received by the Italian Curia at least 2 months prior the wedding.
  • Catholic weddings in Italy can be legally binding
  • Depending on the church location you might be asked to have the civil ceremony before arriving in Italy.
  • Mixed religion wedding are allowed only if approved by your Parish Bishop
  • Ceremonies can be celebrated in English or Italian (with interpreter)
  • Most of the priests prefer to receive directly from spouses a church donation as a courtesy gesture.
  • Sensitivity is required when choosing the wedding dress. No bare shoulders
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Get married in Italy with the most traditional wedding ceremony. The authentic Italian civil marriage.

There are many locations in our country where to plan a legal ceremony. Charming villas, medieval castles, historical Palazzos, panoramic terraces are spread out all over the country. Venues are endless and can satisfy every taste.

About Civil Ceremonies in Italy

  •  Civil ceremonies are officiated by an Italian authority and are legally recognized in your country.
  •  Ceremony is performed in Italian by Mayor or civil registrar,  with an official Interpreter that we provide
  • By law, the ceremony must include the reading of the civil wedding articles in Italian.
  • Ceremony consists in a mix between the articles of the Italian civil code and traditional marriage vows
  • The civil rite lasts approximately 20/30 minutes.
  •  Two witnesses are necessary
  • There are no residency requirements to marry in Italy.
  •  Civil ceremony by law must take place in buildings approved by the Italian government.
  •  Outdoor civil ceremony can be performed only in certain locations approved by the Italian authorities. 
  •  Civil ceremonies in Italy can be customized with elements that express your personality and values: music, readings, poetry and personal vows.

We invite you to view the most charming and popular marriage halls of Italy where to celebrate a civil wedding ceremony.