A Protestant wedding in Italy can be arranged in any region or city. Protestants are Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians and others. Protestant ceremonies can be either a “Protestant blessing” without civil validity or a civilly binding Protestant destination wedding which includes the civil paperwork to make the ceremony legal. Our Protestant pastors are able to perform a Protestant marriage anywhere in Italy, thus allowing you the freedom of choosing the location of your dreams without being confined to a particular church or city.

As far as the ceremony format we collaborate with pastors of various denominations and can arrange for an Evangelical Protestant wedding or an Anglican rite as well as others.

Italy is predominantly Catholic therefore Protestant churches can be found only in fairly large cities such as Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. There is also the possibility to perform protestant ceremonies in beautiful villas with private chapels or outdoor in romantic and secluded gardens. One of the finest venues is the 18th century Protestant church in Florence with stunning stained glass windows, Gothic arches, and white marble exterior.

In short, the choice is up to you - tell us your dreams and we will make them happen!

Your pastor will want to be in contact with you prior to the ceremony and religious requirements may vary depending on the location you select but are not complicated. Together with your wedding planner you will be able to personalize the marriage ceremony to include favorite Scripture readings, lighting of candles, music and writing out your own personal vows. A Protestant marriage in most cases can be performed even if one of the two is of a different religious denomination, pending approval of the pastor.

Protestant pastors in Italy will also happily celebrate vow renewals or anniversaries at your preferred location.
If you choose to exchange your wedding vows in a Protestant ceremony in Italy our staff will assist you with every possible service to plan a beautiful Italian wedding event.