A busy bride who needs the hands-on professional help from a wedding planner from the very beginning to the end.
Just as the title suggests, a full-service planner does it all. At the very least, in this role you are expected to:

  • recommend and work with all wedding suppliers
  • accompany your clients on all appointments
  • negotiate wedding supplier contracts
  • manage the guest list
  • create a workable wedding budget
  • plan a variety of wedding parties (engagement, showers etc.)
  • help create the theme and style of the wedding
  • provide ongoing telephone and email support (sometimes daily)
  • be there on the wedding day to make sure it all happens as planned…and hold the bride’s hand!

Full-service wedding planning is a huge undertaking and no small feat. Make sure your fees reflect that. The average wedding takes 100+ hours to plan (more if you’re a novice planner)!